Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
Starts from:Wed, February 21, 2018
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Bachelor of Business Management

First Semester

Course Credit Course No
English I (Common) 4
Historical Perspectivesof Management(Common) 4
Global Business Environment (Common) 4
Business Mathematics (Complementary) 3
Business Staistics (Complementary) 3
Fundamentals Of Financial Accounting (Core) 3

Second Semester

Course Credit Course No
English II (Common) 4
Business Ethics & The Indian Social System (Common) 3
Indian Constitution,Secular State & Sustainable Environment (Common) 4
Managerial Application Of Mathematics (Complementary) 3
Quantitative Techniques (Complementary) 3
Modern Management Practices (Core) 4

Third Semester

Course Credit Course No
Business Communication (Common) 3
Entrepreneurship (Common) 4
Commercial Laws (Complementary) 4
Computer Application In Business (Complementary) 4
Company Accounts (Core) 4

Fourth Semester

Course Credit Course No
Informatics For Management (Common) 4
Cost Accounting (Common) 4
Corporate Laws (Complementary) 4
Micro Economics For Business (Complementary) 4
Human Resourse Management (Core) 4

Fifth Semester

Course Credit Course No
Financial Management (Core) 4
Marketing Management (Core) 4
Organisational Behaviour (Core) 4
Management Information System (Core) 4
Open Course 4

Sixth Semester

Course Credit Course No
Production Management (Core) 2
Industrial Relations (Core) 2
Management Accounting (Core) 4
Choice Based Course – Income Tax (Core) 4
Choice Based Course -Strategic Management (Core) 4
Project Work (Core) 4